Testing New User Interface

We are testing a new user interface, for the demo we want a easy to use interface, probably simple with text instead of icons.
Once we have the resources and time we will be able to add icons and well placed graphics to improve the atmosphere.

On Create a StarMap you will be able to choose the size of the map, where to put stars, what kind of star, how many planets and a few other things.
This isn’t the creation of a scenario yet, but we intend on keep improving it later. For now it helps to test our games on a controlled environment.

You will be able to choose the saved map on Start a New Game, random map is an option as well.
Saving and loading games haven’t been developed yet.

Interview about StarLife

We did a little interview about StarLife on a great new site about 4X games called Explorminate, be sure to check it out!

StarLife concepts part 3

Last post we preview how space tactical combat is going to feel like. That is not all of it. Conflicts usually have a strategic layer to it and in StarLife is no different.

Governments have a great impact on how military strategy is done and executed. Power concentrated governments such as Empires and Dictatorships have more directly control on how military orders are executed, while Republics and Federations are tied to discussion and votes from several parties and representatives as how to proceed in a conflict.

Strategic layer in StarLife is managed by attack and defense plans. These plans are designated to fleets and ground troops which moves to fulfill their orders. The tactical layer in a space battle is a consequence of an attack plan.
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A Voronoi Diagram Adventure

This is a little adventure as I (the developer) found myself into, let me explain.

Ever since I read this article from Amit Patel about the use of Voronoi Diagrams for game maps I became crazy about it. I loved it and I wanted it for StarLife. Mine wouldn’t be as rich and detailed as a world map, however I could definitely use it to set regions on space.

In case you don’t know exactly what Voronoi┬áis you can find a live example from Ivan Kuckir over here!
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4X Survey

Last year PurpleOrangeGames made a survey about 4X games. You can see the result below or check it directly at the source here https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-BNG359KL/
It only shows 100 responses while we had 177, it’s because the free service at SurveyMonkey only shows that much information.
The survey is still open and you can participate if you want: https://pt.surveymonkey.com/s/V25GY7Q
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