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Windows development for StarLife

Earlier versions of StarLife were built using Qt 4, after Qt 5 launch we made the transition from 4 to 5.

As a result we came to depend on at least OpenGL ES 2.0.
On most old PCs, we can only find OpenGL 1.0 thanks to Microsoft, even if their video card support ES 2.0 we would need them to update their video drivers.
As a response to this Qt 5 started to use ANGLE, a library from Google that translates OpenGL calls to DirectX. ANGLE doesn’t support Windows XP.
This is still far from perfect as Qt 4 didn’t have those requirements.

There is however another solution, llvmpipe is a raster opengl library from Mesa, using it means that there is no need for a GPU as everything would be handled by the CPU instead. It makes the game slower but as long as the CPU has enough horsepower and we keep StarLife simple, this will be enough for now.

A long term solution is to fall back to Qt 4 and use OpenGL 1.

Solution: Provide 3 builds of StarLife
1. Qt 5 + MinGW = 32 bits + OpenGL ES 2.0 + XP onwards
2. Qt 5 + MinGW + llvmpipe = 32 bits + XP onwards
3. Qt 5 + MSVC2010 = 32 bits + DirectX 9 + Vista onwards
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New Life to StarLife

To help us organize better the development of StarLife we have been creating a project management tool based on scrum called Life. You can check more about it here: http://purpleorangegames.com/wp/life/ The idea is to have it as open source so anyone can enjoy this great tool and also have anyone willing to help to have access to our private Life server so they can help us with the game. If you would like to help you can reach me on [email protected] Thanks!
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