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Current Projects

Break the Future

Sandbox RPG: An adult game inspired on Strive for Power, where the player is a slaver in a fantasy world.
The player must manage several aspects of his life as gathering food, materials and choosing if he/she wants to enslave bandits or normal folk, with the possibility to visit other worlds and a twist in relation of having several characters in the same world.

Break the Future


In the game you will choose a WORLD and a STORY.

The first world has magic, magical creatures and several different sentient beings.

The first story is about a person that was trained to be a slaver and now needs to start working on it.

The idea of breaking the future comes from playing the game with one character and then you may start the game with another STORY but on the same WORLD. Since the game will be turn based, each STORY will have an historic log of everything your character did, when and where.

So your second character may encounter your other character and they may interact or not.
If you interact with the other character you will break his future, his future path will be broken and if you choose to play him again, you will resume from the point it was broken.

Interesting ideas for this game format are, if your character dies, you can play a new character that encounters your first and break his future before the turn he actually dies, so you can then later resume your game with your first character.

Another idea could be someone making a character and playing and sending his save to his friends so they may play and try to challenge the first character or play along it without interfering.

The player may start as much STORIES as he wants on a given any given WORLD and create as much WORLDS as he wants.

Some STORIES will have a predefined setting but a random or custom STORY start will also be made available for the player.

WORLDS will be divided in the future between magical or technological worlds where on will cancel the other in a scale of 10. The initial WORLD for example have a 6 magical points and 4 technological points, but this part of the game will only be developed after the initial WORLD setting is fully completed.

After this point in development, I will make it possible for characters to travel between WORLDS, be it by using a space ship or opening magical portals.


Regarding it being a adult game with a slave theme, the player will be able to enslave anyone they encounter while exploring and choose to enslave bandits to help bring order or enslave anyone for profit.

The game will provide endless random dungeons and quests for a sandbox experience, I plan making a very diverse random world generator that could for example create a world where Humans are rare or that Orcs enslaved all the other races, and then have this options on the custom game settings.


No files yet, it is still in the prototype phase while I finish the user interface and starts adding the mechanics.



- Make most of the basic user interfaces

- Add basic character progression, including:
-- Attributes
-- Skills
-- Actions
-- Leveling
-- Weapons/Armour/Items

- Random character creation, including:
-- Random main character / Randomize unselected parts
-- Random NPCs including physical traits and psychological traits, what they like and dislike

- Random dungeon generator

- Simplified combat system

- Turn based system, each turn is a day

- Management of characters, so they can choose what to do each day

- Simplified interaction system so the player can interact with captured NPCs

With this we should have our Alpha read to be deployed.


Current Development



Humans have the highest charisma among all races.
Humans usually live in peace in small kingdoms throughout the land, usually in plains.
They are kind of average yet some of them can be quite beatiful and usually they know how to talk and behave in front of races, making them good partners.

Elves have the highest intelligence. Learn skills and magic faster.
Elves were once considered a holy race but in reality they are just magical beings, they are very intelligent and usually very beatiful, which makes them one of the most desired races by all the others.
They prefer to live in small villages inside of forests.

Dark Elves have the highest power. Makes them great magicians that last longer in magical battles.
Dark elves, like elves, are magical beings but they have absorbed much more magic than normal, they are masters of quickly recoreving mana. They have a bad reputation of using this power to dominate and hunt other races along with orcs and goblins.
They prefer to live underground in caves under the mountains or very dense forests.

Orcs have the highest strength. Wields heavier weapons and lasts longer in physical battles.
Orcs are brute force in all aspects, they intimidate others and they like it. Many orcs also work as mecernaries and bodyguards.
They usually live in tribes in plains.

Goblins have the highest perception. Making them great sharpshooters.
Goblins are small and sneaky, they prefer to attack from confortable long distances where their prey may not even have a chance to fight back, they usually roam the lands in bands and live among orcs and dark elves.

Halfings have the highest quickness. They excel as rogues who are able to easily disengage from combat.
Halflings are small like goblins but are able to move much more quickly and pass through small spaces, usually they end up being rogues when living among humans, when living among themselves they usually work as farmers in their little hamlets between hills.

Demons have high charisma and power. Masters of manipulation.
Like Dark elves, demons are humans that absorbed too much magic, they are not only able to recover mana more quickly but also they usually are able to impose their will on others because of their magic nature. They live among humans and dark elves.

Dryads have high intelligence and strength. Fearsome guardians of the forests.
Dryads are ancient elves that tried to find a way to live in peace with nature, they turned themselves into a being that is almost entirely plant, they are herbivores and like to live in forests. They are very timid and prefer to not deal with other races.

Lizardfolks have the highest fortidude. Making them hard to take down.
Lizardfolks are half man and half lizards, they are very sturdy and usually live in swamps or coasts. They worship dragonkins which are similar in appearance from them but usually stronger. They live in tribes.

Dragonkin have high strength and fortitue. A proud and powerful race.
Dragonkin are like lizardfolks but their race is closer related to dragons, they even have wings and can fly short distances. They like to live in mountains on small cities of stone but some of them like to live among lizardfolks where life is usually easier.

Beastkin Cats have high quickness and perception.

Beastkin Dogs have high quickness and charisma.

Beastkin Wolves have high quickness and fortitude.

Beastkin Foxes have high quickness and perception.

Beastkin Hares rival halflings quickness.

Beastkin Oxes have high strength and fortitude.

Beastkin Tigers have high strength and charisma.

Beastkin Lions have high strength and perception.

Beastkin Bears rival orcs strength.



Fortitude: Allows you to resist damage, have higher health and work for longer periods of time.

Strength: Allows you to keep fighting for a longer period of time and use heavier weapons, high strength does not cause more damage.

Quickness: Allows you to evade, block or parry attacks better and to have physical jobs done faster.

Perception: Allows you to use complex missile weapons, spot traps and find hidden loot.

Intelligence: Allows you to learn magic faster and to have mental jobs done faster.

Power: The innate ability to gather energy from the enviroment and use it for magic, allowing for larger mana pool and faster mana revovery.

Charisma: Better social skills, be able to speak in a clear and concise manner and to convince others to do your bidding.

Secondary Attributes


Tameness: How tame a person is, a higher value makes it easier for this person to trust the player and thus obey.High value makes you a proud person, harder to let go their customs and habits.

Timidness: How timid a person is, a higher value makes it easier for this person to fear the player and thus obey.High value makes you a brave person, fearless and harder to intimidate

Personality: High personality makes other people like you better so they want to be near you.

Beauty: A combination of physical traits that makes other people like you better.

Stress: How easy is for this person to become stressed when things doesn't go their way.

Kindness: A kind person will like you better if you treat others well, the opposite dislikes when you treat others with kindness.

Loyalty: How much a person trusts you, a loyal person won't try to escape.

Obedience: How much a person obeys you, a obedient person won't complain or ignore you when you order them.

Love: How much a person likes you, loyalty is easier to obtain when someone likes you.

Fear: How much a person fears you, obedience is easier to obtain when someone fears you.

Skill Categories


Combat: Combat skills are necessary to help you survive exploring the world around you.
They are also vital to capture a new slave, which requires pinning or tying down your opponent.

Attributes that help you with this are Fortitude,Strength,Quickness and Perception.

Social: Social skills makes you more efficient in training your slaves.
Be it by punishing, praising, convincing or influencing them.

Attributes that help you with this are Charisma,Intelligence and a bit of Power,Perception and Fortitude.

Work: Work skills help you maintain your house and also to make better items and equipment.
As the number of slaves increase, having some of them dedicated to these skills is essential.

Attributes that help you with this are Fortidude,Strength,Intelligence,Perception and a bit of Quickness.

Magic: Magic skills (which isn't magic spells), are skills that use magic indirectly and doesn't require incantation.
From drawing mana to using enchanted items, these skills are a must to all mages.

Attributes that help you with this are Intelligence and Power.

Sex: Sex skills have two distinct uses, the obvious one is that a high skilled slave sells for a higher price.
The other reason is that it helps seduce them, making them loyal and submissive to you faster than using only regular methods.

Attributes that help you with this are Charisma and Fortitude.




Metal Armor (Fortitude)
Knownledge about how to wear armors made of metal and the ability to withstand the heavy burden of wearing one of those.)

Chase (Fortitude)
A mix between being able to run after someone as well as track where they have gone. Allows to run after fleeing enemies and engage again in combat.)

Hammer (FortitudeStrength)
Use of Hammers or Maces, a weapon which is great for taking the oponent's stamina and also to take then off balance. This helps abilities which pin or tie enemies down.)

Halberd (FortitudeStrength)
Use of Halberds, weapons used at long distance. Great for those in the back of a formation. Those using Halberds are able to attack the enemy front line from the back line.)

Wrestling (FortitudeStrength)
To fight without weapons in close combat, usually grabbing and pinning the enemy down to stop their movements. The best way to capture slaves and gives a huge bonus to pin or tie down an opponent.)

Axe (Strength)
Use of Axes, a weapon which is good to throw an opponent off balance and also to destroy shields.)

Pin Down (Strength)
The skill to hold an opponent down. Essential for capture unless you are able to make them unconscious, giving you time to tie them down.)

Block (StrengthQuickness)
To be able to use your weapon or a shield to block an incoming attack.
Watch out for the weapon's durability while doing so.)

Sword (StrengthQuickness)
Use of swords in combat, they are great against a single opponent.)

Spear (StrengthQuickness)
Use of spear in combat, easy to use and great to keep enemy at bay.)

Leather Armor (Quickness)
Knownledge about how to wear armors made of leather and the ability to move quickly while using them.)

Escape (Quickness)
The ability to distract your oppenent and quickly find an escape route.)

Dodge (QuicknessPerception)
The ability to dodge an incoming attack, every attack has a chance to be dodged.)

Dagger (QuicknessPerception)
Use of daggers, a weapon which is light and fast, used to puncture in weak spots of armors.)

Bow (QuicknessPerception)
Use of bows, let you attack from the back row and target both rows from the enemy.)

Detect Trap (Perception)
Allows you to detect traps while exploring dungeons, very useful.)

Crossbow (Perception)
Use of crossbows, they are very slow to use but their shots have great penetration against armors.)

Running (Fortitude)
To be able to run greatly lengths at a steady speed or short distances at a great speed.
Decreases traveling time and gives bonus to espace skill.)


Cuddle (Charisma)
A way to show affection as well as foreplay.
Increases the price of an escort slave.)

Sex (CharismaFortitude)
Vanilla normal intercourse, helps you to charm the another person.
Increases the price of an escort slave.)

Anal Sex (CharismaFortitude)
To give or receive anal sex, helps you to charm the another person.
Increases the price of an escort slave.)

Handjob (CharismaFortitude)
To use your hands to estimulate another person genitalia, or receive it, helps you to charm the another person.
Increases the price of an escort slave.)

Blowjob (CharismaFortitude)
To use your mouth to estimulate another person genitalia, or receive it, helps you to charm the another person.
Increases the price of an escort slave.)

Titjob (CharismaFortitude)
To use your tits to estimulate another person genitalia, or receive it, helps you to charm the another person.
Increases the price of an escort slave.)


Etiquette (PerceptionIntelligence)
Knownledge about how to speak and act in a high society.
Increases the price of an escort slave.)

Detect Lie (PerceptionIntelligence)
Detect lies is very useful when maintaining new slaves, so you can know if they planning to escape or trying to do you harm.)

Teach (Intelligence)
With this ability you may teach any other of your abilities to others. Teaching also helps you gather knownledge about that ability as well. As they say, teaching is also a great way to learn.)

Influence Others (PowerCharisma)
To influence others without they noticing, requires inate power as well as charisma. This ancient art has been passed through from slavers to slaves since ancient times.)

Convince Others (PowerCharisma)
To convince others through dialogue, using inate power and charisma to led them to believe you. This ancient art has been passed through from slavers to slaves since ancient times.)

Socializing (Charisma)
Allows you to hold pleasing conversation with others.
Increases the price of an domestic slave.)

Seduce (Charisma)
Seducing is very important skill that allows you to make others love you which allows you to initiate sex with them with permission.)

Praise (Charisma)
Very useful skill with increases loyalty.)

Punish (CharismaFortitude)
Very useful skill with increases fear.)


Cleaning (Fortitude)
To be able to keep a house clean and in order.
Increases price of a domestic slave.)

Cooking (PerceptionIntelligence)
To be able to cook various different types of food. Cooking allows you to consume less provisions while maintaing the same nutritional value of your meals.
Increases price of a domestic slave.)

Farming (FortitudeStrength)
Allows to take care of plot of land and take care of most common plants. Helps in keeping provisions and sell the excess giving a little income.)

Lumberjacking (FortitudeStrength)
To harvest lumber which is used to expand a house or to sell for income.)

Blacksmith (FortitudeStrength)
To be able to make tools or weapons which can be used or sold for income.)

Hunting (QuicknessPerception)
Allows you to gather provisions by hunting small prey.)

Leatherwork (QuicknessPerception)
To be able to make armor and general items made of leather, like backpacks or shoes, which can be sold for income.)

Gathering (PerceptionIntelligence)
Allows you to gather herbs, mushrooms and plants in general that are edible or used for medicine, generates a little income.)

Jewel Crafting (PerceptionIntelligence)
To be able to make jewels out of precious stones or metals, a great way to generate income.)

Dance (Fortitude)
To be able to dance and mesmerize other people.
Increases the price of an escort slave.)


Use Artifacts (Intelligence)
To be able to use magical items, from activating them to also recognizing the magic infused in them. Magical items also needs you to pour mana into them regurlaly.)

Detect Magic (IntelligencePower)
The ability to detect magic can save your life, they help detecting other mages as well as magical traps or magical treasures hidden in dungeons.)

Magical Infusion (IntelligencePower)
To infuse magic into objects to make them magical, a truly hard art which can produce legendary items.)

Draw Mana (Power)
This ability allows you to recover mana overtime, it is used passively all the time but together with meditate can also be used actively.)

Mana Noise (Power)
For powerful mages, detect magic can be used against them to find their location, mana noise is a counter measure to expand your mana as in all directions negating their ability to pinpoint your exact location. Also allows to stun magic creatures when used in combat.)

Magical Cloth (Power)
Armor infused with magic, allows you to know how to wear them and activate their magic.Magical armor also needs you to pour mana into them regurlaly.)

Meditate (Power)
This skill allows you to draw mana more effectively by remaining static in deep concentration. If your draw mana skill is low, it won't help be effective.)



If you want you can reach me at purplebonesgames at gmail.